Wildflower Honey


Wildflower honey varies by season and type of forage the bees have available.


Spring Wildflower honey may include nectar from avocado, bottle brush, mango, coconut palm, Mexican clover, Spanish needle, primrose willow, porter weed and oak blossoms.  These nectars all blend to a sweet velvety delight.

Summer Wildflower honey was pleasantly harvested this year as we were blessed with more rain than usual. This brought in a higher yield of nectar from the southern magnolia, mangrove, the sabal, coconut and queen palms, powder puff blossoms and Spanish needle that blooms all year.

Autumn Wildflower, derived mostly from the Brazilian pepper blossoms, is golden amber with a slight spicy finish.

Our wildflower honey is harvested from bees living in our St. Petersburg, Seminole and Pinellas Park apiaries. If you’re in Pinellas County, Florida and want local honey, this is the one for you!

Available in 16 and 48 oz bottles.

Wildflower honey is also available in 60 lb containers. (Local pick-up only.)


Additional information

Weight16 oz

16 oz, 48 oz, 60 lbs


Spring, Summer, Autumn


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