Fireweed Honey


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Fireweed Honey from the 4,000 foot level of the beautiful Cascade Mountains is a special treat.  This Premium honey is great for barbequing, baking, mead making as well as a great table honey.  Fireweed is a tall thin plant with pinkish purple flowers. It got the name FIREWEED because it is often the first plant to reappear after a catastrophic fire. It is light in color, and it’s flavor is delicate and sweet with a little bit of a zingy taste that is sure to please your taste buds.  Once you try it you will come back for more!

We meet beekeepers wherever we go and seek out interesting and different varieties to bring to you.  We are selective in where we get our honey to assure it is all raw natural, never heated and pure.

Available in a 16 oz bottle.


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